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Cookies are widely used online data of a small size, in particular text files, allowing for proper and friendly operation of websites (which can be among others, information portals, social portals, online stores, websites of state offices, other public and private institutions and organizations). These files are sent by websites visited by the user and saved to the user's device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.), which he uses when visiting the website.


Cookies allow for easier and more friendly use of websites, benefiting both the website user and its administrator. This is done by:

-    Remembering the user's visits and preferences, and thus personalizing the displayed content and optimizing the structure of the page during subsequent visits (including page language, its color, layout, type and distribution of content, etc.)

-    In the case of online stores - the ability to recommend products related to those that are usually chosen by the user and that may potentially interest him

-    In the case of online stores - storage of products added by the user to the shopping cart while continuing to browse the store

-    Enabling the use of registration accounts in online stores, websites, portals, etc.

-    Remembering the status of a logged in user when navigating on each of the subpages available in a given portal or website

-    Remembering by the website or portal a certain functionalities or information regarding the display of advertisements or surveys to be completed by the user

-    Presenting the advertisements to the user in a way that takes into account their interests, place of residence, habits, etc.

-    Creating anonymous statistics of visits to websites and portals.

The above functionalities allow improving website structure and functionalities, as well as enriching its content thanks to available technological solutions.


Cookies are not used to identify users of websites and their identity is not identified nor shared based on used cookies. Cookies only allow for the identification of device and browser data used to browse the website, and the data obtained is not and cannot be in any way associated with the personal data of users acquired during the use of websites.

Additionally, cookies:

-    Are not harmful to the user of the website, neither to the device used to browse the webpage - they do not have a negative influence on their operation

-    Do not change the configuration of the user device or the software installed on this device

-    Using the default parameters, allow for reading information contained in them only by the server software that supports them.


Cookies used by partners are subject to their own policies and regulations. does not take any responsibility for their use.


The configuration of the standard software (web browser) of the user, used to visit websites, usually by default allows saving cookies on the user's device. These settings can, however, be changed in the software settings by the user in such a way as to block the automatic handling of cookies, or inform about them each time they are sent to the user's device. Detailed information about the possibilities and ways of handling cookies are usually available in the user software settings and in the help section of this software. However, limiting the use of cookies by the user may adversely affect some functionalities or limit their availability on the website, including website.


The obligation to inform users of websites and to obtain their consent to the use of cookies results from the regulations of general guidelines of the European Parliament, to increase the awareness of Internet users in the use of technologies that guarantee delivery of content better adapted to their preferences and interests.

Additional information describing higher level regulations regarding the use of cookies is available on the website of the European Commission.

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